The 22 Best Sports Movies Ever Made

Everyone loves a great movie about sports!  These are the top 22 most emotional sports movies – we are sure you will find a handful you have seen and love among the bunch. 1. Ali / Via Columbia Pictures “Float like a butterfly, sting like

27 Beautiful Photos of Pets Celebrating Earth Day

There is nothing more beautiful than nature.  Or animals.  What about when you combine them in photos?  Heaven on earth, we’d say!  Below are some beautiful photos showing animals celebrating Earth Day in their own ways.  Enjoy! 1. “Just gonna take a snooze on

33 Dogs That Cannot Handle The Moment

Animals experience emotions very similarly to humans – especially those of happiness and surprise.  Here is a collection of 33 animals who don’t even know how to contain their excitement.  Enjoy! 33. This dog who just CANNOT handle this water right now. 32.

43 Tumblr Comments That Are Comedy Gold

Some of the best moments on social media aren’t people’s photos or celebratory moments….but yet the comments they felt compelled to leave on various posts.  Tumblr is famous for some of the best commentary and we couldn’t agree more that these 43 are some