See What Happens When They Tossed This Stray Dog A Meatball

After being tossed a meatball, ‘Arthur’ refuses to be left behind as Swedish team treks and kayaks in extreme conditions through Amazon jungle Endurance athlete Mikael Lindnord issued this statement after completing the grueling 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship in the Amazon jungle: “I came

Australian Man Saves Stranded Baby Dolphin

Andy Wright says that on the second rescue attempt the calf swam out to the pod and, presumably, rejoined its mother; ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’ The baby dolphin had somehow become separated from its pod and washed onto shore at a remote

When You Finally Realize What You Are Looking At…

A Russian photographer took her photos to a whole new level. Alexey Kljatov, takes stunning photos of snowflakes. Using a homemade contraption,  Alexey is able to capture an extreme close-up of an individual snowflakes. Check out the snowflake photos below: And the results are