9 WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever

These just made me cringe…. The audacity of some people     That is not a normal fatherly response…     Time to get tested       Well, that explains two terms of George W.     Foot, meet mouth on Facebook.  

The 13 Things London Is Better At Than Anywhere Else

Sure, London’s got its problems , but it’s clear to anyone that this vast metropolis does a great many things better than anywhere else. These are those things… City parks Concrete jungle? Please. 47% of London is covered by green, including beauties like Hampstead Heath,

MacGyver-style Camping Hacks

As the saying goes, camping means “roughing it” – but how rough it actually has to be is up to you. Read on for 10 camping hacks that would even impress MacGyver. 1) Toilet Paper Carrier Keep your TP grime-free by using an empty