10-Week Home Workout Plan To Transform Your Body

This home workout plan will transform your body from the comfort of your own home in just 10-weeks without ever setting foot in the gym! Both men and women will gain muscle mass and lose body fat quickly without the use of heavy workout equipment.

One of the most important (yet often overlooked) keys to losing weight is to keep your body properly hydrated with water. Make sure you’re drinking ATLEAST 64 ounces (8x8oz) EVERY day.

To lose weight, you should exercise from 45-60 minutes daily. If you are a beginner, start with a 50-minute workout, and gradually increase up to 200 minutes.

Do plenty of research to find the diet plan that’s right for your lifestyle and follow this 10-week plan and you’re guaranteed to lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better overall.

Twenty squats; twenty-five-second wall-sit; fifteen seconds plank; five push-ups; thirty-five jumping jacks; twenty-five crunches; fifteen lunges; ten sit-ups; and ten butt-kicks

Ten squats; twenty crunches; ten jumping jacks; ten push- ups; twenty-five lunges; thirty-five sit-ups; forty-five-second wall-sit; thirty seconds plank; twenty butt-kicks

Fifteen squats; thirty sit-ups; thirty crunches; thirty five-second wall-sit; fifty jumping jacks; twenty-five butt-kicks; twenty-five lunges; forty-second plank; and ten push-ups

Thirty-five squats; twenty crunches; fifteen lunges; thirty seconds plank; fifty sit-ups; sixty-seconds wall-sit; thirty-five butt-kicks; twenty-five jumping jacks; and twenty push-ups

Twenty-five squats; forty sit-ups; sixty-second plank; thirty push-ups; thirty crunches; sixty lunges; fifty-five jumping jacks; 45-second wall-sits; fifty butt-kicks

You should rest during the weekend.

Weekly plan for cardio workout:

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