29 Hilarious Tweets Made By Married People

These husbands and wives were feeling a bit frustrated when they took the passive-aggressive route and got on Twitter! The following is a collection of hilarious tweets that are sure to speak to every married person out there.

1. Most wives would be thrilled with a pet panda…unless of course there’s no food in the house.

2. Once you’re married, you start asking the important questions in life

3. All it takes is one minute of snoring.

4. You know you need to step your game up when the cashier questions your marriage.

5. This husband needs to really let it go.

6. One brain to rule them all.

7. She wouldn’t have to yell if you didn’t do such stupid things while she was gone.

8. Don’t underestimate the persuasiveness of your wife.

9. I wonder what gave it away?

10. Money is the root of at least 90 percent of all marriage woes.