Signs Seen Out And About That Are So Funny, The Creators Deserve A Promotion

Who knew that some of the world’s funniest people work in hotels, churches, and restaurants? When you look at the signage they put up, you’ll understand just how clever they are!

1. Finally, a political message I can get behind!

2. That sounds like a good plan.

3. Who wouldn’t choose a beer over a bear attack?

4. Not many sign makers take the time to be this thorough.

5. I don’t know what they sell, but I’d shop there because of this sign alone.

6. The sad thing is, people would probably buy those.

7. It’s about time someone said it!

8. It looks like someone’s dipping into their own supply.

9. Just wait until Kanye runs in 2020.

10. I’ve never read a more perfect description.