Harley Street Psychologist Has Revealed the Simple Techniques Celebrities Use to Appear More Charming – including ‘talking with your hands’ and cutting out ‘filler words’

Harley Street psychologist has revealed the simple techniques

A Harley Street psychologist has revealed the simple techniques used by celebrities to come across as more charming and likable. Richard Reid, who teaches classes on how to attract people with his or her personality type (and get them into bed), shared that calling someone by their name, having good posture without looking too stiff – like you’re posing in an art gallery- is important for getting others to trust us right off the bat! Avoiding using “um” or liking things all of sudden can really put a dent into your chances at making friends quickly though.

A therapist who previously worked with A-listers at The Priory said that telling a story that reflects someone’s body language can also help you become your most charismatic self. Richard talks exclusively with FEMAIL and Kim KardashianGeorge ClooneyBeyonceDavid Beckham When Madonna is some of the most charismatic of the general public.

Harley Street psychologists have revealed a simple technique that celebrities use to come across as something more attractive and likable. Dr. Richard Reed, who teaches classes on how to be more charismatic, is the one you’re trying to win by calling someone by name, improving your posture, and avoiding the use of “um” and “like.” Revealed that it is the best way to fascinate.

“All of these people are considered charismatic for similar reasons. Physical attraction, clothing sensation, but more importantly, excellence, positive energy, and influence in the field of choice (” In other words, it’s a combination of perceptual abilities that can exert power), “he explained.

“In many ways, we are attracted to them, because they not only embody many of our aspirations in terms of both the pursuit of beauty and excellence, but also the imagination of the people. This is because it embodies the way of life that is captured. Power is especially attractive because it takes advantage of humans’ basic needs for safety and security.

In addition, in the case of George Clooney and David Beckham, these individuals also suggest some degree of humility and warmth. This means not only verifying and enhancing people in direct contact but also making it easier for others to identify with them. 

Here, Richard exclusively reveals the best way to become more charismatic in minutes.

Speak with your hands

Studies have shown that people who speak by hand are more reliable and attractive. One of the first areas we see when meeting new people is their hands.

Evolutionists explain that it is important to make sure they do not have weapons for the survival of humans in our hunter-gatherer era. Using hand gestures not only reassures others but also improves communication. It’s called physical cognition and means that there is a strong correlation between what your mind is trying to say and your body movements. Hand gestures help the words come out. Richard says research shows that people who speak by hand are perceived to be more reliable and attractive. Kim Kardashian-West was filmed while hosting SNL. She used her hands, especially during the monologue.

Harley Street psychologist has revealed the simple techniques

Use their name

It’s the sweetest sound to your ears — listen to your own name. Scientists using fMRI have discovered that unique parts of the brain are activated when people hear their names. Using someone’s name gives them an important feeling and the fact that you remember it wins respect and admiration. When someone makes a referral, be especially careful to remember the name and use it in the conversation.

Pay attention to your posture

Crouching is known as a low power pose. It will make you less confident and you will find it discreet and inaccessible. Changing your body posture will change your psychology. Standing tall and taking a high-power pose makes your brain release dopamine, which makes you feel better and more confident.

Richard added that standing tall and taking strong poses can help your brain release dopamine, which makes you feel better and more confident. Beyonce is depicted in a power pose.

Harley Street psychologist has revealed the simple techniques

Listen and ask questions

The ancient Greeks said,’ I have two ears and one mouth, so I need to hear twice as much as I speak.” People enjoy sharing their life stories. Give someone a platform to do this by asking and listening to questions rather than dominating the floor, and others You will be the kind of person you want to be around.

Don’t forget to smile

Simple yet very effective. A smile initiates the brain’s rewarding mechanism, much like exercising or eating chocolate. And smiles rarely go back and forth. It gives both you and others a rush of positivity. Researchers recognize that smiling people are reliable and easy to work with. Of course, this enhances your charisma.

Cut off the pause that was spoken with the filler

Spoken pauses (“oh”, “hmm”) and fillers (“like”, “you know”) make your communication terribly cramped. Charismatic people are eloquent and clear, and it comes from ironing your speaking skills. Jump into the wall of your conversation and be aware of how often you use fillers and vocalized pauses. Often used when you don’t know what to say. When looking for the next word, simply replace it with silence. You will organize your speech and become a more charismatic speaker.


Human has an interesting thing called a mirror neuron. We are social creatures and are united for our communities and relationships. Mirroring allows us to empathize and connect by naturally mimicking the physical movements of the people involved. increase. It’s often unconscious — think of the last time you just crossed your arms at the same time you did someone else. By subtly reflecting the stance and body language of the person you are talking to, you will be more comfortable and have a stronger relationship of trust.

Harley Street psychologist has revealed the simple techniques

Tell a story

Everyone loves good stories. Charismatic people have mastered the art of telling great stories — it doesn’t take long for people to start gathering around them. One of the key elements and foundations of storytelling is opening and closing the gap of curiosity. Raise topics that are intriguing to others. Speak with passion and use images and emotions.


Compliments have been shown to increase people’s self-esteem by up to 34 percent. Charisma has a lot to do with how you make others feel. Give someone a warm fuzzy the next time you have a conversation — identify one thing you can make a good comment on.

Start and introduce yourself

It’s common to see most people stop and hesitate at social and networking events. Charismatic people take the initiative to introduce themselves and provoke conversations. It shows self-confidence through being active rather than passive. Take the first step at the next event. Set aside the fear of judgment and self-consciousness.