TV Reporter Stops Live Coverage To Rescue Dog From Flood

A Peruvian news reporter interrupted a live report on the severe flooding in his country to rescue a dog. Aaron Rodriguez, a reporter for broadcaster Latina Noticias, had traveled to the area of Piura to cover the severe flooding in the northern region of the country at the end of March 2017.

Rodriguez was standing waist-deep in a flooded street and broadcasting live when he and the cameraman spotted a dog frantically swimming in the flooded streets looking for a patch of dry land and somewhere safe.

live report dog rescue

Rodriguez and the camera crew followed after the paddling dog for a bit before he was able to grab hold of the struggling dog. At one point, he is submerged up to his shoulders as he holds his microphone, cell phone and cables in one hand and the dog in the other.

live report dog rescue

Rodriquez eventually navigates his way through the flooded streets with his co-worker to a patch of dry land where he could place the dog down and get help.

live report dog rescue

You can watch Rodriquez’ rescue in the video below.


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